im laughing so hard this pic looks like it belongs on joffrey’s instagram or something like “king’s landing vacay gettin tipsy with the betrothed #turnup”  


im laughing so hard this pic looks like it belongs on joffrey’s instagram or something like “king’s landing vacay gettin tipsy with the betrothed #turnup”  


Loose Tongues and Arrogance

There was little to be understood about the King - an arrogant little boy given too much power too soon, likely with a sadistic streak if the condition of his lady was any indication. He knew all the right graces, of course, in that at least he had been taught properly, but Willas was not ignorant to the way the King’s gaze swept over Margaery, or how he glared jealously at Garlan and Loras when he thought none were looking, how his gaze turned mocking when it fell on Willas himself.

“Our lord father is yet chasing down the remainder of Lord Stannis’ forces,” Willas said, “and so allow me, Your Grace, to present the compliments of House Tyrell and the Reach, along with our most sincere fealty.”

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Margaery Tyrell does NOT have hair like that and this is important. Margaery Tyrell does not copy the huge intricate hairstyles of Kings Landing (i.e. Cersei), the whole point is that she comes in and changes it. People start to wear their hair loose and long and curled like she does. They start to copy her dresses, they want to be like her and not like Cersei and that is important. Its part of the battle for dominance they have and its one that Margaery wins. UGH.


the way they were in the songs | sleeping beauty

During the princess’ long captivity, the riotous roses that bloomed on the thickets about her tower became her sole companions.

The Tyrells were only stewards that the dragon-kings had 
unjumped far above their station. Their vanity was exceeded
only by their ambition.

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 I think the scene with Margaery just further proves the difference in her style of ‘attack’ compared to other women such as Cersei. Because Margaery is one of those girls who works within her constraints and doesn’t fight them, rather she manipulates and challenges within the boundaries she has been set by society as a woman. she doesn’t lash out— she figures out how to get power through other means. So she’s telling Sansa how to make the best of a situation and work within her constraints; not fight them rather… manipulate them and move them around to suite her needs

 Because honestly, not everyone is a warrior who can just storm in with their sword and their shield and yell ‘NO, I SHALL NOT MARRY THIS MAN AND YOU CANNOT MAKE ME!’ and then smash their shield in the face of patriarchy and then gut misogyny with their sword of feminine power. The whole point of Margaery and Sansa’s storylines are to show women who work within their confines and gain power through other means. What was Margaery going to tell Sansa? She was trying to make her shitty situation one that wasn’t so shitty by supporting her and trying to find the bright side of things.

 Better than saying “Oh lol yeah ur stuck with a lannister lol k have fun byeeee” or “Oh you should totally just break down all social constructs of Westeros and the arranged marriage situation by refusing to marry him and defying the Lannisters— nothing bad will ever come of this. in fact, we’ve all just been waiting for someone to tell us that our backward ways of thinking with regards to female rights was totally wrong! You should be the one to do this for us! Woo~’

 Like seriously, come on. For people who support Sansa because she’s not a shield wielding amazon warrior, you guys sure are quick to dog-pile on Margaery who fights in other ways, and knows that sometimes when you’re stuck in the shit-pile all you can do is grow roses and watch them turn that shit into motherfucking soil that you can then use to bury your enemies in later.

Growing up at Winterfell, all I ever wanted was to escape, to come here, to the capital. To see the southern knights and their painted armor, King’s Landing after dark, all the candles burning in all those windows.