Mom’s running this book/curriculum sale tomorrow morning.

Today we loaded up all three of our cars to take the first load of boxes of stuff to the venue. I hurt myself pushing chairs around.

Tomorrow I have to get up at a simply ungodly hour (like, 6-something. *shudder*) to take the second wind of stuff over there. Then I’m going to Starbucks to get coffee for everyone. Then I have to come back and sell from two or three of our FIVE tables for five or six hours.

Tumblr, you can have my unicorn pillowpet. My brother gets my cellphone. My parents get nothing because they are the reason for my untimely demise.

My queue will keep churning out posts long after I’m gone. There are almost 200 things in there which will keep my blog active for another 100 days. Which is cool. Kinda.

If I manage to live I’ll put something on here in the lateish afternoon.

But right now I need to sleep because of the horrendous time my esteemed mother wants me out of bed. Ugh.

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